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 Power Leveling Service Guarantee  

Power Leveling Service Guarantee


This is Our Commitment to You:

At YGS, our commitment to you is to deliver nothing but the best, and to exceed your expectations. We take pride in cooperating with every customer for a long term. We are striving to continue our growth by delighting more and more customers.

That's why we offer you our Power Leveling Service Guarantee.


(1) Account Safety Guarantee


What We Do:

1.All services of YGS are processed by professional power levelers, never uses bots, Third Party Software or any type of automated programs! It would be explained more detailed in the second guarantee item.
2.All Items and Gold acquired during the Power leveling service are left on your account. YGS would not appropriate them ever.
3.YGS would upgrade the equipment of your character during power leveling as possible as we could, and the character would become stronger simultaneously.
4.If you need to log on to your account, please contact the live support on our site, they would like do you any favor. However, to keep your account from being detected by Blizzard that it's Login from a different IP in a short period of time, we suggest you do not sign in your account during our power leveling until it is finished.
5.The appropriative Login program is used while power leveling, to prevent any keylog or any other virus attacking. Therefore you could be relieved 100% on the safety of your account.
6.YGS would arrange one or two skilled power levelers for you, and we wont be online for 24 hours per day to avoid Blizzard's attention. We would play14-16 Hours every day like a real owner of this account. It is safer for your account.
7.All of our computers employ multiple VPN proxy, including US, Germany, Britain etc. We would choose an appropriate one for you according to your server, to protect your account been suspended because of different IP location. It advances the security and Reliability.

Account Suspended
Account Banned
Account Hacked
Missing Gold
Characters Deleted

Should you face any of the problems above during or after the course of your Power Leveling order, contact us immediately.

What to do:

Step 1. Get ready any kind of evidence pertaining to the issue with your account (screenshots, video records, emails from game makers, etc).
Step 2. Submit it to us by the feed back or online chat window.
Step 3. We will investigate into the issue immediately.
Step 4. Should our levelers be the cause of your loss, we will offer you a full compensation within 72 hours.


Terms and Conditions
1. All complains must be brought to our attention within 24 hours from the completion and delivery of the completed order.
2. Full details or any extra information pertains the issue with the account will be required for our investigations. Should the information provided be insufficient and we are unable to conduct our investigation in proper if we did not find any evidence from our levelers pertaining to the issue with your account, there will not be any kind of compensations.


(2) No bots guarantee


We promised to all our customers that we never use any kind of Bots or the third party software programs. All the power leveling work has been completed by professional hand working players. As we know, any kind ofBots power leveling will lead an account permanently close from Blizzard. Therefore only 100% hand working power leveling is the safest way, and also only 100% hand work power leveling is your correct choice.

How to discriminate Bots power leveling from hand working ones? We could list some methods below:

1. Hand work leveling would not be processed over 16 hours per day, (except part time power leveling or short ones). However, the leveling which uses Bots or third parties must be on line for 24 hours everyday. The speed of any intelligent program power leveling never faster than human leveling, so the time of Bots leveling would be longer than hand working ones at the same level. Any one could type" /played" in game to check all the leveling time from creating day.
2. Any power leveling uses bots is very cheap. Our price is the cheapest one in hand work market, but those who use bots could be much cheaper than ours could not be compared to our service. What we regard as important is account safety, order quality. Unfortunately those cheap bots leveling company disturb market, use massive bots programs, damage the benefits of customers and even say that they are offering hand working services.
3. Bots power leveling usually level up without doing tasks or only do some simple ones. One could use UI to check what tasks you have done during upgrade. Real hand workers level up with tasks and grinding seldom. What's more hand working upgrades faster than bots each level.
4. You could follow your character and observe it carefully, you will find out that Bots leveling seems mechanical while grinding, and they only take the initiative to attack only one near-range monster per time, ignoring long-range ones. But for hand working power level, there are many AOE professions to multi-attack monsters at the same time! Such as a Paladin, a Warlock, a Mage, even a Hunter or a Druid, all of them could do it.


(3) Money Back Guarantee


If your account had been banned unluckily, we would give you a full refund or you could require us to level a new character. And this new power leveling would be processed with a corresponding package or level according to your original pay.

How to do it:

Step 1. Contact our 24/7 live support representatives.
Step 2. Notify them your order number and reason for cancelation.
Step 3. Orders will be checked immediately. We will investigate into the issue.
Step 4. Full/partial refunds will be processed and extended back to you within 24 hours.

Terms and Conditions
1. Money Back Guarantee does not apply to orders which are already completed without problems.
2. If your account had been suspended during power leveling, we would resume the service after suspension or you could ask a refund of the rest price of this order.
For example, a lv1-80 order which had been suspended at lv70, we could do the partial refund to you for the rest level from lv70 to lv80.


(4) On Time Guarantee


Should your order be not completed within the ETA stated, we will compensate you with US $1.00 for each day of late delivery until the order is delivered.

Terms and Conditions
1. In cases of unforeseen circumstances which are not under our control, in which no compensations will be extended under such circumstances.
2. The circumstances above include, but are not only limited to electricity failure, server maintenances, natural disasters, hardware failures and other conditions which are not under our control.


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